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25% US Tariffs & the Effect on Inverters — Jan 1, 2019

A recent round of tariffs on goods imported from China is currently affecting the U.S. Solar Inverter market. Here's how the tariff is affecting inverters.

The Trump administration enacted tariffs of 10% that went into effect on September 24th 2018, rising to 25% January 1st 2019. President Trump stated that tariffs may be even greater if China imposes retaliatory action.

This will affect the residential solar market where the majority of the major inverter manufacturers have supply chains based in China (SolarEdge, Enphase, Huawei).You can learn more about the Enphase shortage of IQ7s here. Both Enphase and SolarEdge have announced plans to move manufacturing to other countries (Mexico and Romania respectively) not affected by these tariffs, but the transition will take some time.

One notable company making a pledge not to increase pricing based on these tariffs is APSystems, a manufacturer of microinverters. Compare APsystems to Enphase here. APsystems microinverters have been offering incredible value to PV installers and homeowners alike for almost 10 years. Though tariffs may be affecting prices from other inverter manufacturers, APsystems products are available from Renvu with no tariff price increase.

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