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APsystems QS1 Four-Module Microinverter - Unveiled at SPI 2018

Who's excited about APsystems’s new four-module microinverter coming out Q1 of 2019?

The APsystems QS1 Four-Module 1200W AC Microinverter was unveiled officially at the SPI tradeshow in Anaheim, CA. The design of the QS1 offers 75% faster installation time by connecting four modules at a time, versus the traditional one microinverter per module model.

The QS1 accommodates PV modules up to 375W, offering 300W AC output per channel, the highest among microinverters. If you already have YC600 components from APsystems, have no fear as the QS1 is compatible with the existing YC600 microinverter system, so you can mix and match.

We’re excited to see how the QS1 changes the way that PV systems are installed. To learn more about the APsystems QS1, you can check out its specs on the APsystems QS1 Datasheet.