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APsystems vs Enphase Microinverters - A Quick Comparison

Enphase is the largest producer in the world of micro inverters, having introduced their first micro inverter in 2006 (you can read about Enphase's history here). APsystems was founded three years later in 2010 in Silicon Valley (where Renvu is also located) and has been making their mark with innovative micro inverters, putting out the first dual-panel micro inverter on the market. Both companies sell equipment on a global scale.

How many panels per micro inverter?

The biggest difference between APsystems and Enphase as a whole is that while with Enphase you have one micro inverter per panel, with APsystems you have one micro inverter per every two panels. Or with APsystem’s QS1, you can add 4 panels to a single micro inverter. 

What's the cost comparison?

What this means is a faster installation with APsystems and a notably lower cost. How much of a lower cost exactly? I did a 30 second run-through on our Solar Kit Guide to find the cost of two comparable systems using these micro inverter brands. A 6.96kWac system came up to $4,563.29 for Enphase, and $2,388.34 for APsystems 7kWac system. A savings of about $2,174.95!

System 1: Enphase 6.96kWac

✓ Qty 24 Enphase IQ7+ Micro Inverters

✓ Qty 25 Enphase Q Cable — IQ Series Portrait Trunk Cable 1-Phase Q-12-10-240

✓ Qty 2 Enphase Branch Terminator for IQ Series Q-TERM-10

✓ Qty 1 Enphase Female Sealing Cap for IQ Series Q-SEAL-10

✓ Qty 1 Enphase IQ Envoy Metered Communications Gateway ENV-IQ-AM1-240 M


Total cost: $4,563.29


System 2: APsystems 7kWac

✓ Qty 6 APSystems QS1 Micro Inverters

✓ Qty 6 APSystems AC Bus Trunk Cable

✓ Qty 2 APSystems AC Bus End Cap

✓ Qty 1 APSystems ECU-R Gateway Residential ECU


Total cost: $2,388.34


APsystems is the more cost effective solution between the two micro inverter brands, but overall both companies are very strong with innovative products.