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Solar Permit Services: Full Solar Design and Permit Package


Est. Ship Out Time: 2 days


Solar Permit Service - Complete Permitting: Everything you need to complete the solar permit process in your area.

•  Cover page 
•  Site plan for your solar installation 
•  Array layout and attachment details 
•  Single Line Diagram with calculations 
•  PV Safety label locations 
•  Data sheet addendums 
•  Any other solar panel permit requirements specific to your jurisdiction not including Professional Engineering stamps.  PE Stamps sold separately. 

Notes: The solar design permit services are only available to customers who purchase solar equipment from RENVU.  Any system over 10kW DC is subject to pricing based on our sales engineers’ analysis. Our average is $0.02/W.  Please call (855) 755-5855 or email us at info@renvu.com for details or to start the process.

We also offer Structural and Electrical PE Stamps in all 50 states (this is not included with the Full Solar Design and Permit Package, quote upon request).


  • Manufacturer: RENVU
  • Model: ENG-FULL