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Connecting to the Enphase Q Aggregator

What type of connector do I need, male or female, in order to connect to the Enphase Q Aggregator?

Male field-wireable connectors are required to connect to the Enphase Q Aggregator.

If you look at the 
Enphase Q Aggregator connectors, and the field-wireable connectors at the end of the AC branch circuit home-runs that connect to them, one might label the Q Aggregator connectors as “male”, and the field-wireable connector as “female”.  

However, that would be incorrect, and you would probably wind up ordering the wrong type of field-wireable connectors for your home-runs.

The confusion stems from the fact that the designations of “male” and “female” are defined by the metal pins inside the connector housings, and not from the connector housings themselves. The exploded view of the connector housings below clearly show the internal terminal pins and how they determine the designations of “male” and “female”. 

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