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Unirac Ecofoot2+ Wind Deflector 70 inch Galvanized

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Unirac Ecofoot2+ Wind Deflector 70"L Galvanized for 60 cell modules installed in Landscape (usually 65" wide) ES02+0202A

Unirac's Ecofoot2+ is a unique Low Slopped Roof Mounting System, modular ballasted-solution for Low Sloped and Flat Roof solar installations - including integrated grounding, and equipped to support both Landscape and Portrait Orientations of most PV Modules.

Raised profile to improve drainage

Made in the USA

Pre-assembled universal clamp - only one clamp type needed, no separation to end and mid clamp. And they are universal for all panel sizes.

Easy to work around abstractions.

-Time Efficient; one modular unit ensures speedier and efficient flat-roof solar installs.
-Universal Clamps integrate grounding seamlessly, reducing install time.
-Ecofoot2+ Base is roof friendly, with built-in water and drain channels, and built using polymer and rubber.
-Proven material durability with ASA Luran by Sytrolutions
-Cost Efficient; fewer parts, and integrated grounding and wire management for faster install time, allows for lower price per Watt solution.

Q - What tilt angles are available for the EcoFoot2+?
A - EcoFoot2+ mounts modules at 10 degrees in landscape and 5 degree in portrait.

Q - On which types of roof can you install Unirac products?
A - Nearly any roof with less than 5 degree pitch. Standing seam metal will not work with Unirac® products at this time.

Q - Do we need to use deflectors?
A - EcoFoot2+ requires wind deflectors to achieve a low installed weight.

Q - Which solar panels can be used with Unirac Mounting Systems?
A - EcoFoot2+ attaches on the corners using a clamp system. Check with UNIRAC® concerning module compatibility with EcoFoot2+. If the module does not allow clamping on the corners, we have an option that accommodates the attachment of any module.

Q - What is the install speed of the EcoFoot2+?
A - Using EcoFoot2+, 10 modules can be installed per person per hour, including grounding.

Q - How long does the EcoFoot2+ last?
A - EcoFoot2+ has a 25 year warranty with a projected lifetime of over 35 years due to its composition of a highly engineered resin which was developed by BASF in 1967 specifically for its superior UV resistance.

Q - Does the EcoFoot2+ requires slip sheets?
A - Typically not. The EcoFoot2+ is the most roof friendly system available, achieved by utilizing safe polymers with rounded edges and protective EPDM (chemically compatible with all roofing membranes) to engage with the roof. However, system owners are still responsible to verify with the roofing manufacturer if any additional steps must be taken to preserve the roof warranty.

Q - What are the maximum wind speed and how do you know EcoFoot2+ won't fly off the roof?
A - The EcoFoot2+ ballasted resists 110mph winds. Attachment options exist in higher wind regions. Thorough aerodynamic analysis has been performed by Colorodo State University's Wind Engineering and Fluids Laboratory, who has conducted research on solar arrays for more than a decade, to characterize the aerodynamic performance of the EcoFoot2 system.

Q - How doe's a flat roof mounting system work?
A - Our engineers review the local code requirements along with site specific factors to determine the amount of down force required to secure the system on the roof. We then provide our clients with a PE Certificate detailing how much weight, usually in the form of concrete blocks, and or wind deflectors the particular system requires.

Q - What is the cost of a ballasted flat roof system?
A - Thanks to smart simple designs that incorporate cost effective materials we can reduce racking costs anyway from 10 – 25%. The cost / watt depends on the system layout and project specifics.

Q - What are set back for a ballasted system on a roof?
A - The area around the outside perimeter of the roof. This is a safe zone, serves as a pathway but also helps protect the solar system from strong wind gusts. Good rule of Thumb; 10% of least building width equals required setback.

Q - How much can you fit in a truckload?
A - 1MW will fit on one 40' container

Q - How heavy is the EcoFoot2+?
A - Installed weight of EcoFoot2+ is 3 – 6 psf.

*Unirac acquired Ecolibrium Solar.


  • Manufacturer: UNIRAC
  • Model: ECO-002_311B
  • Length [mm (in)]: 70 inch
  • Warranty [Years]: 25

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