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EGAUGE Meter/Data Logger EG3000 Hardwire Ethernet

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EGAUGE Meter/Data Logger EG3000 Hardwire Ethernet 

EGAUGE EG3000 A000-ETH-016 Meter/Data Logger With Hardwire Ethernet Connection
• ANSI C12.1 - 1% accuracy compliant
• 5-pin power plug included
• 16 register database
• 2 Year Warranty
• Free Lifetime Online Monitoring
• Measures electric AC power on up to 12 circuits (consumption and production)

The eGauge technology allows you to monitor as many inverters as you wish, without the need of special communication cards that are usually required by the inverter manufacturers and you also don't need to pay for the online monitoring, no matter what size of system you have.

Besides monitoring your Solar PV system, you can also monitor the house consumption by adding more CTs and connect them to the main line or to specific circuits.

NOTE: This product should be installed in a separate enclosure. For installation in the main panel, use the EG3010.

eGauge is an affordable, flexible, secure, web-based electric energy and power meter that can measure up to 12 circuits on up to 3-phases (120V, 480V, 50-60Hz). Use it to measure and record total building electrical consumption, solar, wind, consumption of individual circuits, such as appliances or geothermal system pumps, and motors. eGauge is best suited to provide:

Real time energy information
Renewable Energy monitoring
Measurement and Verification of essential equipment (M&V)
Operations and Maintenance of asset portfolio (O&M)
Data export via push or pull with an open data API
Lower energy cost
Lower emission associated with fossil fuel energy
Establish building energy benchmark and LEED points
Peak Demand analysis
Energy Efficiency projects and commissioning


  • Manufacturer: EGAUGE
  • Model: EG3000 A000-ETH-016
  • Length [mm (in)]: 176 mm (7 inch)
  • Width [mm (in)]: 85 mm (3.4 inch)
  • Depth [mm (in)]: 30 mm (1.2 inch)
  • Weight [kg (lb)]: 220g (8oz)


  • NEMA Enclosure Rating: NEMA6
  • Communication: Powerline