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Enphase Envoy Communication Gateway Not Communicating - Technical Support

Enphase Envoy Power Surge and Technical Support

Question: I have a couple of questions for you. I had a solar system installed a few years ago and now the Enphase communications gateway has stopped working. It just has blacked out squares instead of any report and when I try to see how the system is doing on the internet, it reports that the Enphase gateway is not communicating. I had a pretty serious power surge about six months ago so it is likely that it also took out this system (says no report since July). I’ll attach a couple of pics of the piece of the system that I think is broken. From what I can see, this Enphase model is not made anymore but the trick is I don’t know which new envoy model to replace it with… you have both “metered” and “standard” Enphase communication gateways and I don’t know how to know which to buy. Please enlighten me!

Answer: Thank you for reaching out with the very good questions regarding your Enphase envoy.

First the Metered Envoy-S will be hard wired to the service panel, so if your envoy is not hardwired then you, most likely, do not have the metered version and have the 
Envoy-S Standard Communication Gateway instead. Also please consider how long this system has been operating. Enphase warranties these monitors for 5 years, and they might be able to help you trouble shoot the technical issues if it is possible to fix. The Enphase Envoy-S Standard supports all M215, M250, S230, S280 micro inverters. On a separate note, the latest model from Enphase is the IQ Envoy, but it only supports other Enphase IQ products, so it would not be right for you.