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Enphase Field Wireable Connectors - How to Assemble Q-CONN-10

Steps on how to assemble the Enphase Q-CONN-10:
  1. Use the width of the nut to mark the cable at 27 millimeters (insulation will be stripped to 27 millimeters later in the assembly).

  2. Slide the nut over the cable.

  3. Make sure that the gasket is pre-installed inside the cover, then slide the cover and gasket over the cable.

  4. To attach the terminals to the cable, start by stipping the outer sheathing or jacket 27 millimeters (1/16 of an inch).

  5. Strip the inner insulation to 9.5 millimeters (⅜ of an inch).

  6. Load the end of each terminal in the 12 gauge slot of the crimp tool flush with the edge of the slot.

  7. Warning: The cables sheathing must extend completely through the gasket when the body is assembled and the gasket must fully cover the cable sheathing to prevent moisture from entering the connector.

  8. Crimp the end of the terminal over the strip copper wires. Do not crimp over the insulation.

  9. Insert the terminals into the connector body each terminal should click firmly into place. Do a tug test to make sure they are secure. Tighten the nut to 7 Newton meters with channel lock pliers or a torque wrench.