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Enphase IQ Envoy Metered Communications Gateway


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Enphase IQ Envoy Metered Communications Gateway

Enphase IQ Envoy Metered Communications Gateway for Enphase Micro Inverter Monitoring
Part #: ENV-IQ-AM1-240 M
Compatible with Enphase IQ 6+ Microinverter, Enphase IQ6IQ7+ , IQ7X and IQ7.
5 Year Warranty

The Enphase IQ Envoy is compatible with the Enphase IQ System, which includes the Enphase IQ micro inverters, Enphase IQ Battery, and the Enphase Enlighten monitoring and analysis software. The IQ Envoy enables remote solar monitoring and update capabilities while offering system owners energy insight and storage control.

IMPORTANT: If you are using the Enphase IQ 6, IQ 6 Plus or IQ7, you have to use the Enphase IQ Envoy and not the previous versions.
The Enphase IQ System microinverter products do not communicate with, and should not be used with, previous generation Enphase Microinverters and Envoys. Always use IQ 6, IQ6+ and IQ7 Microinverters with an IQ Envoy for solar panel monitoring.

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Enphase IQ Envoy Notable Aspects:
1. Communicates with Enphase IQ Microinverters 
2. Consumption metering capable for total energy insight 
3. Revenue grade accurate, ANSI C12.20 compliant production meter 
4. Bi-directional communications helps the IQ System adapt to future requirements 
5. Flexible networking options with integrated Wi-Fi 
6. 3G and 4G cellular options 
• Enables web-based monitoring and control 
• Bidirectional communications for remote upgrades 

• Easy system configuration using Enphase Installer Toolkit mobile app 
• Flexible networking with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or cellular 

• Designed for installation indoors or outdoors 
• Five-year Enphase warranty

Find below how the Enphase IQ Envoy looks installed with the rest of the Enphase IQ System: 

How to Download Enphase Installer Toolkit App:
The Enphase Installer Toolkit is a mobile app for iOS and Android devices that allows installers to configure the system while onsite, eliminating the need for a laptop and improving installation efficiency.  To download, go to enphase.com/installer-toolkit

If you need help connecting your Enphase Envoy to WiFi see our 5 step guide here: How to Connect Enphase to WiFi : Envoy Troubleshooting Guide


  • Manufacturer: Enphase
  • Model: ENV-IQ-AM1-240 M
  • Other Vendor Codes: 570-1142 300-07700
  • Length [mm (in)]: 213mm (8.4in)
  • Width [mm (in)]: 126mm (5in)
  • Depth [mm (in)]: 45mm (1.8in)
  • Weight [kg (lb)]: 498 g (1.1lb)
  • Warranty [Years]: 5

Data Loggers

  • WiFi (wireless LAN): true
  • Max. no. inverters: 600
  • Communication interface: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or cellular
  • Ambient Temperature [°C(°F)]: -40° to 65° C (-40° to 149° F) or -40° to 46° C (-40° to 115° F) if installed in an enclosure