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Enphase Q Aggregator for IQ Series Q-BA-3-1P-60

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Enphase Q Aggregator for IQ Series Q-BA-3-1P-60 

Enphase Q Aggregator for IQ Series (Q-BA-3-1P-60)
Combines up to 3 microinverter branches into one home run

✔️Enphase IQ7
✔️Enphase IQ7+
✔️Enphase IQ7X

The Enphase Q Aggregator makes it simple to combine branch circuits on the roof; eliminating materials and improving installation reliability. It allows the connection of up to three microinverter branches on the roof for simple "plug and play" 

Enphase Q Aggregator Characteristics: 
• Aggregates up to three fully populated 20A branch circuits 
• Supports solar arrays of up to 13.7 kW with a single aggregator 
• Can be used in any position up to 45 degrees from horizontal (NEMA 3R, includes drain holes)
• Reduces electrical labor and balance-of-system materials costs 

IMPORTANT: Enphase IQ Envoy, Enphase IQ6 and Enphase IQ6 Plus micro invterters do NOT communicate with and should not be used with previous generation Enphase micro inverters and other components.

Find below how the Enphase Q Aggregator looks installed with the rest of the Enphase IQ System: 

• Install the Enphase Q Aggregator under the PV module to avoid direct exposure to rain, UV, and other harmful weather events.
• Mount the Enphase Q Aggregator off of the roof surface for rain and snow resistance.
• Always install the Enphase Q Aggregator with the label side up. Do not mount it upside down. You can flip the bracket for roof or block mounting.
• When transitioning between rows, secure the cable to the nearest rail to prevent cable damage.

See full Enphase Q Aggregator Installation Guide under Downloads.


  • Manufacturer: Enphase
  • Model: Q-BA-3-1P-60
  • Other Vendor Codes: Q-BA-3-1P-60 570-0229 300-07709 42050022
  • Rated Power Output [W]: 1
  • Length [mm (in)]: 80mm (3.2in)
  • Width [mm (in)]: 190mm (7.5in)
  • Depth [mm (in)]: 227mm (9in)


  • Combiner Enclosure Rating: NEMA3 (up to 45° from horizontal)
  • Combiner Operating Temperature (C?): -40° C to +55° C (-40° F to +122° F)