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Enphase Shortage 2018 - Why & What To Do

We've had a lot of calls requesting Enphase IQ7s and IQ7+s recently, and we'll continue to supply them until inventory runs out (they've run out; we'll update once stock is back). However, why is there suddenly a shortage and what can you do?

Why is there a shortage of Enphase microinverters?

There's several reasons for Enphase's shortage, but one that Badri Kothandaraman, CEO of Enphase, mentioned in the Q3 2018 Earnings Conference Call, was that a crucial component has been unavailable in order to manufacturer Enphase micro inverters; 600 volt transistors. There's been an increase in demand for them due to their usage in EV chargers, and unfortunately Enphase received a limited amount in Q3, causing the shortage of Enphase IQ7s that we're currently experiencing.

How long is the shortage on IQ7 and IQ7+ expected to last?

Badri Kothandaraman stated that they expect this shortage with the high voltage transistors to continue into Q4. While there's no exact ETA as of yet on when new stock will be unavailable, we expect that the shortage will continue into January and should alleviate in February. If new information comes up, we'll be sure to update our customers.

Where can I get Enphase micro inverters? What can I do in the meantime?

The reality is that the shortage is across the market, affecting all distributors, and we at Renvu have ran out recently of the IQ7s and IQ7+s as well.

Enphase has already phased out the IQ6 and IQ6+, and while we previously had stock of this model, with the shortage, we have since sold out of these as well.

Enphase is working to have the shortage resolved as quickly as possible, but in the meantime, here's a few of your available options for solar installations:

Also, since luckily other inverter manufacturers are not experiencing a shortage, two great inverter alternatives readily available are SolarEdge with optimizers, or if you want to stay with microinverters, APsystems offers an economical solution. See a comparison of APsystems to Enphase microinverters here.

We'll keep you posted on when the shortage of Enphase micro inverters ends! In the meantime, try out the Solar Kit Guide in building your solar system.

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Originally published 11/02/2018, updated 11/07/2018 post Q3 Financial Results Conference Call