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Enphase Warranty Transfer

Question: I’m selling my home with a solar system that uses Enphase microinverters.  Can I transfer the Enphase warranty to the new buyer?

This is a very important question for buyers and sellers of homes with solar.  A recent article published by the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) shows that the typical single-family home owner will stay in their home approximately 13 years.  This means that it is likely a home with solar will have more than one owner during the 25 year warranty period of the Enphase micoinverters.

The good news is yes, your Enphase microinverter warranty is transferable to the new buyer.  The Enphase Limited Warranty allows the warranty to be transferred to the new buyer as long as they submit a Change of PV Ownership Form and pay a transfer fee (currently $150) within 30 days of the transfer.

Enphase Customer Support can be reached by visiting www.enphase.com/support or by calling +1 877-797-4743.


If you have any problems throughout this process you are welcome to call us at 8557555855 or email the team at info@renvu.com