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Flat Roof Ballast Bay Roofing Pad


I’m looking to protect my flat roof material from the bottom of the ballast bay of a 
Unirac RM5 or Dual Tilt system. Can you recommend a product? 


Renvu can supply a roof pad version of the 
Unirac RM5 and Dual Tilt in limited circumstances. The roof pad version of the RM5/Dual Tilt ballast bays must be purchased in large quantities, which we do not regularly stock. If you have multiple jobs requiring 100+ ballast bays, we can arrange for a bulk purchase if necessary. If the job is only for a residential or small commercial system, it wouldn’t make sense to go this route. 

The other more cost effective option is to use a supplementary pad to go underneath the ballast bay. This would best be provided by the manufacturer of the roof material or a roofing company that is familiar with the roofing material. We don't have general roofing supplies in stock and don't have a general recommendation for the pad type, but a local roofing expert should be able to recommend a material that will act as a good buffer between the ballast bay and the rooftop. Once determined, this can be coupled with the general 
Unirac RM5/Dual Tilt ballast bays the Renvu has in stock and is ready to provide.