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HT Instruments M75 Installation Tester for Safety Tests


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HT Instruments M75 Installation Tester for Safety Tests

Installation tester for safety tests according to IEC/EN61557-1 with TRMS multimeter functions and test of cable mapping on lan RJ-45 networks

• Very easy to use
• Very small in size
• Fully automatically carries out all necessary tests to establish COMPLIANCE (and hence ensure SAFETY) of a private electric system

ALWAYS using it before starting working on an already existing system the operator does not know well and ALWAYS using it at the end of the job will guarantee the necessary safety to both operators and users of the electric systems

Thanks to its small size, this device offers many operating opportunities:
M75 is used for testing the safety of electric systems, so for measuring overall earth resistance, testing RCDs type A and AC, insulation and continuity. In order to make it versatile and fully functional for any kind of end user, the device has been provided with the innovative AUTO: function: by selecting this function and only setting the value of RCD current, M75, connected to a power outlet, carries out tests of overall earth resistance, RCD tests and insulation tests in a sequence. At the end of the test, the device shows all results with the indication of compliance or non-compliance with the standards with simple symbols OK or NOT OK. This innovative product also offers the following functions: TRMS multimeter for AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current (with external clamp), Resistance measurement, Test on LAN network cables, Test of phase sequence with a single lead.


  • Manufacturer: HT Instruments
  • Model: M75