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Kong Fall Protection PPE Kit Size XL


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Kong Fall Protection PPE Kit Size XL - KONG Harness
The Inclined Roof PPE Kit by KONG includes comfortable, light weight, high quality fall protection gear harness perfect for Solar Installs. This solar fall protection kit was specifically designed with the end users comfort and mobility in mind!

The KONG solar fall protection kit features:
- a light weight Sierra Duo ANSI harness
- the KONG FINN ANSI helmet
- EAW Base energy absorber
- BACK-UP fall arrester which allows the user to easily move up and down the rope when compared to conventional rope grabs
- ANSI Twist Lock Ovalone carabiners
- 11mm x 50' Safeline orange/green rope with a 3" sewn loop
- ANSI Reusable Roof Anchor


  • Manufacturer: Kong USA
  • Model: 8021NSETXL