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SOLAR-LOG 1000 Monitoring Data Logger for 1-100 Inverters

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Solar-Log 1000

The ideal data logger for small and medium-sized plants with up to one hundred inverters

Not only does the Solar-Log1000 compare individual strings and inverters with each other - it can even control consumers according to requirements.

The beautifully shaped device for failure and yield monitoring with two-line text display and easy to operate keypad.

Solar-Log WEB - FREE for installations up to 30kW
The perfect solar monitoring platform - simple, secure, efficient.
For technically adept plant owners who want to monitor their own plant.
Solar-Log™ WEB Classic 2nd Edition
Classic 2nd Edition- offers the basic functions for plant monitoring. Private plant owners monitor their own plant and independently evaluate faults. The yields and evaluations are depicted in the form of graphics. 
WEB Classic 2nd Edition offers all of the basic functions of plant monitoring via internet, including event logs and daily forwarding of yield and fault reports to an email address. Plants up to 30kWp are free of charge; for those over 30kWp minimum fees apply.

Easy to install

Thanks to its special housing the Solar-Log500 can also be installed perfectly in living areas. The cable routing is covered by the generous housing. It can be operated via the keypad with its two-line text display or via the PC connected to it. As for all Solar-Logs, the Solar-Log500 is also multi-vendor capable and compatible with all popular inverters (see table on left).

Comprehensive performance comparison

The Solar-Log1000 not only measures and compares the yield data of the individual strings, but also the performance data of the individual inverters. This allows errors and malfunctions that are for example due to obscured sunlight, rodent gnawing or inverter failure to be quickly and reliably analyzed.

Configurable alarm function

Alarms are sent out automatically via email or SMS as preferred. Daily yield notifications are also possible. Furthermore, all status and error messages can be conveniently called up from any web-enabled PC.

Reliable diagnosis

Every 15 seconds the Solar-Log500 checks the performance data of the plant and logs up to 200 events per inverter. In addition it also identifies derating conditions or network malfunctions being experienced by the power network operator.

Comparison of strings and inverters

The Solar-Log1000 monitors up to one hundred inverters with a total output of up to 50 kWp. The monitoring function covers both the comparison of individual strings and the comparison of all connected inverters among each other. This allows malfunctions to be easily and securely diagnosed even for larger plants.

Graphic data preparation

Not only does the web-based software make installation easier, it also allows both tabular and clear graphic display of daily, monthly and annual yields - available at any time, anywhere in the world. Data can also be easily integrated into your personal homepage. Use Solar-Log™ WEB for optimum plant evaluation or ask your installer about the many advantages of the professional functions contained in Solar-Log™ WEB.

Alarm function

Every 15 seconds Solar-Log™ analyzes the inverter status, the yield profile and the characteristics of supply into the power network. Four coloured status LEDs and a two-line text display on the device itself show the current status as well as malfunctions or failures.
The Solar-Log1000 sends out alarm messages via email or SMS as preferred. Receive to-the-minute error messages on your mobile telephone or your PC.
Your solar technician can link the Solar-Log500 with the professional monitoring function in the Solar-Log™ WEB on request. He will then be automatically notified in the event of malfunction and can immediately commence remedying the malfunction at your plant.

Easy Installation

With Solar-Log™ Easy installation it is now easier to install the 
Solar-Log™. The Solar-Log™ is doing automatically an inverter recognition on all most common inverters and the configuration of these inverters is done automatically within the Solar-Log™.
For the internet connection the 
Solar-Log™ is registering itself on the Solar-Log™ WEB registration server. The user can then pull the Solar-Log™ from there to his Solar-Log WEB Classic II account or Solar-Log™ WEB commercial edition account with the PC at his office.

The Solar-Log500 is optionally available with a Bluetooth module for wireless connection to the new inverter generation from the manufacturer SMA. This allows a cordless connection between the inverter and the 
Solar-Log™ - rapid and simple installation, with mounting as desired.
Product information 
Solar-Log™ Bluetooth

Solar-Log™ with WiFi

The Solar-Log 200/500/1000  is also available with WiFi option. This applies for the standard 
Solar-Log™ as well as for the Bluetooth version. An internet cable connection is not required. Prerequisites are only a WiFi router. WiFi Repeater might be required on poor signals.


Updates for the firmware of the Solar-Log500 are available free of charge at www.solar-log.com and can be updated automatically or manually.
Yield forecasting and degradation calculation
With the Solar-Log500 you not only see the yield that your photovoltaic plant has already attained. The Solar-Log™ also conducts yield forecasts using the experienced data stored in the software. Deviations in the yield, for example due to blocked sunlight or damage can thus be quickly recognized and remedied.
It is not only damage which leads to a decreased output for the plant, aging modules do too. Solar-Log™ incorporates the so-called module degradation into the yield evaluation and takes into it account when analyzing errors.


  • Manufacturer: Solar Data Systems, Inc. (SolarLog)
  • Model: SOLAR-LOG 1000
  • Length [mm (in)]: 15.75 in
  • Width [mm (in)]: 11 in
  • Depth [mm (in)]: 5.5 in
  • Weight [kg (lb)]: 10 lb
  • Warranty [Years]: 5

Surge/Lightning Protection



        Fuses & Holders

          Data Loggers

          • Max. no. inverters: 10
          • Communication interface: 1 x RS485/RS422
          • Measured max. plant size [kWp]: 50
          • Max. cable length: Max. 1000m
          • String monitoring-depends on inv. model: true
          • Inverter failure: true
          • Performance monitoring for each inverter: true
          • Status/fault monitoring: true
          • Connection to sensor system: true
          • Connection to Sensor Basic: true
          • Email and SMS alarm: true
          • Yield forecasting: true
          • Degradation calculation: true
          • Connection to digital meter reader: true
          • Integrated webserver: true
          • Graphic visualisation - local PC: true
          • Graphic visualisation - internet: true
          • LED status display: true
          • Ethernet network: true
          • Mains voltage / device voltage [Vac/Vdc]: 115 V – 230 V/ 12 V
          • Power consumption [W]: 3
          • Ambient Temperature [°C(°F)]: -10°C to +50°C
          • Assembly: Wall assembly
          • Protection class for logger: IP 20 (for inside use only)
          • Connection to Solar-LogTM WEB: true
          • Multilingual (DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, NL): true
          • Memory: micro SD, 2 GB, unending data display





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