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SOLAR-LOG 300 Monitoring Data Logger, Max Power 15kW

1 – 2 $438.96
3 + $385.86

Ships From Manufacturer. Lead times may vary. Please email info@renvu.com for an accurate lead time.


The low cost failure and yield monitoring system for plants with a maximum power of 15 kWp. Includes alarm function and graphic evaluation on PC.

Plants size
The Solar-Log 300 can be installed in plants with a maximum total power of 15 kWp, regardless of the number of inverters. Therefore, this new model can monitor smaller plants with two or three inverters of the same manufacturers without any problems.

Using self-produced power
The Solar-Log 300 is available in the Solar-Log 300 meters version, which has an integrated electricity meter. This saves a considerable amount of installation time and costs. 
The Solar-Log® Meter can monitor up to 2 individual or coupled three-phrase cables.  Additional external electricity meters can be connected to the two S0 inputs. Small appliances such as freezers and laundry dryers can be monitored and controlled via a networked "smart plug", a device that fits on top of existing electrical outlets. The smart plugs measure the power consumption of the device connected to the socket and send this data to the Solar-Log®. As a result, every individual smart plug can be displayed in the graphic with the total consumption.

Feed-in management
Of course, power management has been taken into account with all of the new models. The intelligent management of the 70% regulation is rather attractive for small plants. The Solar-Log can help to further optimize the share of self-produced power.  There is also an option to buy the Solar-Log 300 with the well-established Power Management function (PM+) for the connection to a ripple control receiver.

Free Online Monitoring
Solar-Log Web Classic 2nd Edition offers all of the basic functions for monitoring and analyzing status messages. The yields and reports are graphically presented. The -Classic 2nd Edition is free of charge up to 30 kWp.


  • Manufacturer: Solar Data Systems, Inc. (SolarLog)
  • Model: Solar-Log 300
  • Length [mm (in)]: 285 mm
  • Width [mm (in)]: 225 mm
  • Depth [mm (in)]: 40 mm
  • Warranty [Years]: 5

Data Loggers

  • Communication interface: 1 x RS485 / RS422 (1 inv. manufacturer perbus)
  • Measured max. plant size [kWp]: 15
  • Max. cable length: Max. 1000m
  • String monitoring-depends on inv. model: true
  • Inverter failure: true
  • Performance monitoring for each inverter: true
  • Status/fault monitoring: true
  • Connection to sensor system: true
  • Connection to Sensor Basic: true
  • Email and SMS alarm: true
  • Degradation calculation: true
  • Connection to digital meter reader: true
  • Integrated webserver: true
  • Graphic visualisation - local PC: true
  • Graphic visualisation - internet: true
  • LED status display: true
  • Large display RS485/S0 pulse: true
  • Ethernet network: true
  • Mains voltage / device voltage [Vac/Vdc]: 115 V – 230 V/ 12 V
  • Power consumption [W]: 3
  • Ambient Temperature [°C(°F)]: -10°C to +50°C
  • Assembly: wall-mounted
  • Protection class for logger: IP 20 (for inside use only)
  • Connection to Solar-LogTM WEB: true
  • Multilingual (DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, NL): true