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Which SolarEdge Optimizer Do I Need?

To Start Off : Briefly, How Do SolarEdge Power Optimizers Work?

SolarEdge power optimizers are DC/DC converters that connect to each solar panel, replacing the traditional solar junction box. The SolarEdge power optimizers track the MPPT of each module and communicate performance data to the SolarEdge monitoring portal. This is similar to the way that micro inverters work, except instead of having multiple micro inverters, you have a single SolarEdge inverter and multiple optimizers, each connected to a solar panel. Similar to micro inverters, power optimizers reduce the impact that shading has on the performance of solar panels, however systems that use optimizers are typically more affordable than those that use micro inverters. Also. in the case of the grid power or SolarEdge inverter shutting down, each power optimizer is equipped with the unique SafeDC feature which is designed to automatically shut down modules' DC voltage (unless connected to a StorEdge Inverter that is in backup mode).

What is the Right SolarEdge Power Optimizer for My Solar Panels?

The compatibility between solar panels and SolarEdge optimizers depends on the power, VOC and current of solar panels. This information can be located on a solar panel’s datasheet (datasheets for products can be found under Downloads on each product page on Renvu). See the table below for SolarEdge power optimizers and the characteristics of modules they’re compatible with.

SolarEdge Power Optimizer Model

Solar Panel (Module) Power

Solar Panel (Module) Voc






























*Note that the SolarEdge P300 has been discontinued and replaced by the P320

To maximize efficiency, it’s best to get as close to the max wattage possible. For example, if you want to run a 300W solar panel with SolarEdge P400’s it could work, but it would strain the optimizer and not be as efficient as using a SolarEdge P320 power optimizer.

For exact calculations for your solar system installation, we recommend making use of SolarEdge’s Site Design Calculator. Their design tool recommends the number of strings and each string’s length as well as PV inverter and power optimizer selections, based on site size and PV module selection. You do need to download the Site Designer to make use of it however.

Alternatively, if you go through the Solar Kit Guide, our design tool will also output the exact SolarEdge power optimizers you will need, along with all the other parts needed for a full solar system.

Originally written 12/05/2017 - Updated 12/5/19