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What Is the Average Solar Panel Size and Weight?

What are the dimensions of the average solar panel? To start of it depends what cell size you’re referring to. Majority of solar panels used for residential and commercial projects are either 60cell or 72cell. The width for both types is typically around 39 inches (~3.25 feet)


If the panel is 60cell, you can expect it to be a little over 5 feet in length (typically around 65 inches), and for 72cell panels they are longer at over 6 feet in length (typically around 77 inches).

The average weight also depends if it’s a 60cell versus a 72cell solar panel, so for a 60cell panel you can expect panels around 40lb and for 72cell panels around 50lb each.

You can always find the exact dimensions and weight by taking a look under “Product Specifications” or on the datasheet under “Downloads” on the product page. View solar panels offered at Renvu here.