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What Parts Go Into an APsystems Microinverter System

The easiest way to figure out exactly what and how much you need for an APsystems microinverter system is to create a quote in the Solar Kit Guide, which takes about 5 minutes. 

However, for those interested, here are the various components that go into a full APsystem if using QS1 or YC600 microinverters. Note that the accessories for the YC600 and QS1 are the same (we sell the grounded YC600(Y) inverters and it and QS1 have the same in-line connector):

APsystems AC Bus Trunk Cable for QS1, YC600 ‐ 2m (Part # 2322304603 )
2) APsystems AC Connector Unlock Tool for QS1, YC600 & YC500i (Part # 2352000001 )
3) APsystems QS1, YC600 & YC500i T-Conn Cap (Part # 2061702007 )
4) APsystems QS1, YC600 & Y500i AC Bus End Cap (Part # 2060700007 )
5) APSystems MC4 DC Connector Cap only for YC600 ‐ Male (Part # 2060401006 ) & Female (Part # 2060402006 )

For monitoring system:
APsystems QS1 & YC600 ECU-R Gateway Residential ECU, Zigbee (Part # 209001 )

Using APsystems YC600:

Using APsystems QS1: