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What Solar Equipment Do I Need for a Solar Power System?

More and more people are deciding to go solar, but what goes into a solar system? What equipment will you need?

Basic Solar Equipment Needed:

Solar Panels

String Inverter/ Micro inverter/ Inverter with optimizers


Cables, Connectors, Wire Clips and More

Safety Labels


What type solar equipment do I need?

Solar panels: mono vs poly

Solar panels: 60 cell vs 72 cell

Inverters: micro-inverters vs string inverters vs optimizers

Racking: mill finish vs clear anodized vs dark finish

How many solar panels will I need?

This depends on how much of your energy you’re looking to offset. See our article on figuring out what solar system size you’ll need.

What about the rest of the solar equipment?

Once you know how many kWs and solar panels you need, what about the rest of the parts? How are you supposed to know how many rails and what inverter works best with the solar panels you decided to utilize? You could manually calculate everything, but to save yourself a few hours, you can just utilize the Solar Kit Guide and get a full quote in 5 minutes.

What about the permit?

We have you covered. Everything you need to complete the solar permitting process in your area.