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Where is my shipment?

Looking for an update for your solar equipment shipment?

View your Project Online for status updates.

Packing time usually takes 2 business days, unless otherwise specified. After that your equipment is shipped, and you can monitor the progress by going into My Solar Projects (Step 1) , selecting your Sales Order and viewing the tracking (Step 2). 
From there you can open the tracking page directly with the shipping company by clicking on the carrier PRO# (which opens a new page) and pasting the given PRO number in the tracking box. This will show you all the details of your shipment. We hope you will find more than you need there! But if you have any questions please let us know.

My Solar Projects you can also locate datasheets and installation manuals for your purchased products. 

Wondering how long shipping time to you generally is? See our article: 
How Long Will It Take to Ship to...?