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Who can install APsystems microinverters?

Why APsystems?

APsystems offers some of the best value microinverters in the market, not only because of their low per-panel price equipment costs but also their ease of installation.

With APSystems you have the option to choose between the YC600(Y) dual-microinverter (connects to two panels) or the QS1 quad-microinverter (connects to four panels). Even though these units connect to multiple panels each, they still offer individual monitoring and optimization for each panel. 

Being able to connect to multiple PV modules isn’t the only cost-saving feature for these inverters. Having fewer devices on the roof results in needing fewer accessories, such as the number of drops of trunk cable, which is used to daisy-chain and complete the branch circuits. Having said this, a more significant cost-saving benefit of APsystems microinverters is due to its ease of installation.

RENVU provides installer support

If you’re ready to install your APsystems microinverters, you can always hire a professional installer to do this for you.

Fortunately, APsystems also offers plenty of easy-to-follow technical documents and videos online, and along with RENVU’s support, self-installers can install their APsystems microinverters quickly and without difficulty.

As a self-installer, you would still need to carefully read the installation manual and adhere to all the safety instructions and warning notices in the technical documents offered by APsystems. Also, carefully follow a code-compliant electrical design from Renvu or any other professional PV systems designer. 

If you ever run into any issues along the way or need help understanding any of the technical documents or instructions, the RENVU support team is readily available. 

RENVU can register your system online

After completing your installation, in order to monitor or troubleshoot your system as well as take advantage of any warranties offered by APsystems, you will first need to register your system through the APsystems EMA Portal.

To do this, you will need to install a monitoring unit, typically either an ECU-R or an ECU-Cgateway, an internet connection (Wifi or Ethernet), and have someone with an APsystems installer account register your system online.  

APsystems has a strict installer certification process in place. They only offer training and certification to professional installers, meaning it will not give access for registering any systems online to homeowners or self-installers. 

If you have not hired a certified installer and purchase your system through RENVU, we can offer you this service as well as be your point of contact for any technical support questions at no extra cost.