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Will My Solar Panels Still Work During a Grid Blackout?

If you have solar panels installed and there’s a blackout, while your system will continue generating electricity during the power outage (and that's assuming there's sunlight), you won’t actually be able to make use of that energy to power your home. That is unless you have a battery backup system. However, does a battery backup and storage make financial sense?

The reality is that battery backup systems are still quite expensive, and do not make financial sense for most people. However if you are looking to go completely off-grid or live in an area that often has power outages, then it might make financial sense for you. Also, while powering the whole house might be too expensive, it is within financial reason to setup backup for household items such as the fridge.

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Alternative options also include:

SMA’s Secure Power Supply. It does something that no other grid-tied solar inverter without added storage can: provide power during a grid outage. However if you have frequent power outages, you might need SMA's Sunny Island.

Enphase IQ8 Microinverter. While it won't be available until Q3 of 2019, a lot of installers are excited about this microinverter, since it promises to produce power when the grid goes down (as long as there's sunlight).