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Become a BLIKIR Authorized Installer to grow your customer base and add solar carports to your portfolio. BLIKIR Solar Carports are another opportunity to help expand your customers' solar capacity. You can offer a solution for homeowners who are wanting to go solar but need a roof replacement. 

BLIKIR solar carports and canopies are eligible for the newly extended 30% ITC. They provide shade and shelter to a homeowner’s property. BLIKIR carports and canopies are the perfect companion for all-electric vehicle (EV) chargers and protect vehicles from heat or snow.

BLIKIR is building installer channels and gaining insights from the market. They will be able to provide you with valuable information from their discoveries. BLIKIR wants to see you out in the field and learn from your experience to improve and expand their offerings. 

To unlock the authorized installer benefits, BLIKIR requires:

  • 3 Installed Carports

  • Commitment for 5+ carports per month (measured quarterly)

  • Send a quarterly forecast

  • Sharing installation photos and videos

  • Sharing your recommendations for product improvements


The perks offered for authorized installers are:

  • Advertising budget - based on purchased volumes

  • Authorized installer seal you can post on your website, social media, ads, or BLIKIR brochures

  • Access to marketing library with images, videos, and collaterals

  • Special price agreement (SPA) - $1,000 rebate per carport or carport kit

  • Referrals - We will refer end users to authorized installers in their area

  • Prioritized allocation of product - Part of BLIKIR's production capacity is allocated first to authorized installers to allow a reasonable lead time

  • RENVU adds additional products to the Special Price Agreement (Enphase IQ inverters, FIMER/ABB inverters, Energy Storage, Solar Panels, APSystems, and more)

BLIKIR has partnered with Renvu as their authorized distributor. Please reach out to info@renvu.com about becoming a BLIKIR Authorized Installer. Renvu’s team will be able to answer any questions you may have.

See the BLIKIR RCP-2 2-Car Solar Carport / Canopy Datasheet below: