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Off-Grid, Battery-Backup, and Hybrid Solar Inverters

Understanding the components of an off-grid and battery-backup system is a necessary and crucial first step for design or moving towards retrofitting to a battery-backup solution.

2/14/2020 3:19 pm

Sol-Ark Hybrid All-In-One Inverters vs Other Hybrid Solar Inverters

Here’s a comparison of the Sol-Ark 8K/12K inverters vs Outback, Generac (Pika), SolarEdge, Panasonic (Darfon), Schneider, Victron, SMA, Sonnen, and Tesla inverters.

2/13/2020 11:00 am

Sol-Ark 8K vs Sol-Ark 12K : The Difference Between the Hybrid All-In-One Inverters

Sol-Ark has two models of hybrid all-in-one inverters: 8K (SOL-ARK-8K-48-ST) and 12K (SOL-ARK-12K-P). Here's a comparison of their inverters.

2/4/2020 12:13 pm

Intersolar 2020 Happy Hour with Sol-Ark - Hosted by RENVU (Booth #722)

Renvu is hosting a Happy Hour at Sol-Ark's booth (#722) during Intersolar 2020 in San Diego, CA. Come join Renvu, February 5th, from 2:00PM - 4:00PM at the San Diego Convention Center for craft beer.

2/3/2020 9:39 am

Looking to upgrade my customer old outback load center, charge controller and inverter.

Yes, it the Sol-Ark 8K and 12K will show battery percentage and automatically switch to the generator when the battery is deplete of energy.

12/3/2019 7:32 am