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MC4 VS H4 - Multi-contact MC4 Compared To Amphenol H4

The MC 4 connector and the Amphenol H4 connector are different connectors. They are made by different manufacturers (Multi-Contact vs Amphenol) and are labeled differently. However, in function and form (90%) these are the same; with all internal components being reasonably the same size and shape. In fact, the internal conducting components are standard and are separate items from the connectors themselves, likely each company sources these from the same company. (You can find some different shaped conductors but both companies do supply the same conductors in a portion of their sold connectors.) Which serve as a water tight protection. When visually inspecting the connectors you can see that the waterproof function will be sufficient as both use o-rings that are the same size and location. The MC4 and Amphenol Helios H4 connectors do fit together and can be used together.

Since the MC4 and Helios H4 are essentially the same and the cost to produce is the same, this leaves no distinct competitive advantage. The common knowledge on the topic is that if both companies were to list the connectors as compatible they would not be able to compete with each other and therefor one would either go bankrupt or be forced to merge. Hence one of the companies is not willing to participate in the UL testing of the two connectors thus the connection will not be UL listed.

If you are still uncomfortable with pairing the two, an adapter can be purchased.