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Where Are Enphase Micro Inverters Manufactured?

Where are 
Enphase micro inverters manufactured? Are Enphase micro inverters made in the USA? 

Answer: Enphase's headquarters are in the United States; Enphase was started in 2006 in California and currently operates in 21 different countries with over 300 employees worldwide.

Enphase micro inverters continue to be designed in the United States, although no, Enphase micro inverters are not manufactured in the USA. They are ARRA compliant however.

Enphase micro inverters are designed in California and assembled in China. Enphase outsources the manufacturing of their products to 3rd party manufacturers. Some of their manufacturing partners include: 

• Flextronics International Ltd. who assembles and tests Enphase micro inverters, the Enphase AC Battery and Envoy products.

• Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG who manufactures Enphase’s AC trunk cables.

• ELIIY Power Co., Ltd. who provides the chemistry for the Enphase AC Battery storage solution.

Enphase (2017) Form 10-K 2017, Mar 16, 2017. Web. 16 Feb 2018. 

What microinverters or inverters are made in the USA?

If you are looking specifically for USA made inverters or micro inverters, you would be hard pressed, as every major inverter company makes their solar inverters outside the United States, primarily in China, to provide customers with lower costs on their products.

Note that USA made does not necessarily mean the best quality. To get the best product possible, we recommend to compare inverters based on their technical specs, warranty and your specific needs. For example, do you need micro inverters, optimizers, or a string inverter?