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Credit Key offers simple monthly terms in seconds, for your RENVU purchases.


The funds you need,
right when you need them

*  A lower promotional fee will be offered occasionally

**Subject to credit approval. The terms are for a loan to finance a purchase. Loans are made by First Electronic Bank, a Utah Chartered Bank, member FDIC.

For larger credit lines, additional documentation may be required.

Here's some information to get started from the RENVU team:

1. Apply for a preliminary credit line via this link. The preliminary approval is usually between $10K and $50K. If this covers your purchase, email us at info@renvu.com to let us know that you'd like your approved Credit Key balance applied to your order. If you need additional funds, see the next step below.

2. Once your preliminary application is approved to extend your line of credit, use this form (you'll need 3 months of bank statements ready).

The standard is Net 30 through Credit Key, but it will depend on what they approve you for. They offer the option to extend that in 30-day increments with an interest fee dependent on how long you choose to extend it. It's another 1% for each additional 30 days, depending on your specific account and what they approve you for.

NOTE: There is a 3% transaction fee when using Credit Key.